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  Fond Light’s multi-cultural team spans over 5 nationalities. Each team player has a unique background and possesses a specialised set of skills which enables Fond Light to fulfill the individual requests of our customers all around the world.

The company is organised into three divisions:
The Sales Team is the frontline of the company. They are responsible for communicating directly with customers, understanding their needs, analyzing existing market trends, providing business consultation and proposing customized business solutions in assisting customers to achieve their sales targets.

They are also responsible for business development in different territories and new markets around the world. To ensure a long-term and sustainable growth in business, the Sales Team remains proactive in managing product pricing strategy in ever-changing markets and in daily client relationships.
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  The Research & Development Team is responsible for new product development and existing product modifications based on customer requests. The team ensures all products are tested and certified to fulfil the safety and quality standards in different countries before they are launched and released on the market.

In addition, the R&D Team provides marketing support in product positioning and OEM brand development, which includes organizing marketing and promotional events, production of marketing tools and branding materials. The team also provides custom packaging, graphic, and web design services and web shop maintenance.
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  The Purchasing Team manages and supervises the sourcing, manufacturing, and quality control of all our products. The team verifies reputable manufacturers, screens factories, and conducts on-site factory audits and inspections to ensure all products are 100% compliant with the required safety and quality standards.

The team is also responsible for all operations management in which each order is monitored to ensure the whole process is efficiently and accurately carried out.
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  The Supply Chain Team is responsible for facilitating the transportation and storage of all our products to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery to our customers. They manage a global network of freight forwarders and warehouse operators and provide customized solutions to our customers. Each container loading is supervised to ensure order accuracy and minimize any possible damage during transit.

The team plays an important role in one-to-one multilingual customer support through our dedicated Customer Service managers.
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