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  Global Reach
  Case Studies
  Please click the following links to read some of the stories of our customers and our customized solutions for them:  
  Onomo (Africa)
Natineo (France)
Walk on Wheels (Australia)
Manutan (France)
SIA (France)

Developing Onomo hotels with our expertise in hotel industry

Company Profile

Hotel group with pan-African vocation
Onomo is investor, developer and operator of 3-star business hotels with international standards
A network of over 20 hotels affordable, ecological and cultural
Our Mission

Reduce purchasing cost
Provide quality product
Supply chain management & optimization
Our Solutions

Bringing our know-how and expertise in hotel industry
Providing hotel equipment and furniture through our supplier portfolio in Europe and Asia
Offer "business class" equipment at "economy class price"
Managing every step of the purchasing flow (R&D, Graphic design, ordering, QC, logistics)

Helped to suggest and develop new products while respecting local culture and tradition
Significantly reduced purchasing price and increased the perceived value
Provided good quality product with competitive price

Developing Natineo brand with our expertise in Baby products industry

Company Profile

Online shop selling baby products from 0 to 4 years old sells its own brand (Natineo) as well as 40 famous international brands
The company is specialized in baby equipment (Strollers, Car-seat, Furniture, Toys...) and ships products directly to customer’s house.
Our Mission

Develop new products and assist in building the product assortment for Natineo Brand
Reduce purchasing cost
Factory audit, Quality Control, and Shipping to Europe
Our Solutions

Bring our know-how to design new products in various categories, following market trends and customer’s needs.
Select right product range keeping price competiveness
Manage every step of the purchasing flow (R&D, Graphic design, ordering, QC, logistics)
Manage suppliers from Asia (lead-time, payment terms and prices) to shipment in Europe.

Provided good quality products with competitive prices
Helped creating their own brand and developing new products
Developed our expertise in baby products industry and strengthen the relationship with our qualified supplier’s network.

managing all existing relationship and
offering a complete solution

Company Profile

Distributor across Australia and New Zealand.
Broad product range covering everything from mobility products to daily living aids and elderly care products

Our Mission

Improve quality issues
Factory audits
Quality Control
Reduce the handling and logistics costs domestically in Australia
Our Solutions

Taking over existing supplier relationships
Managing every step of the purchasing flow (R&D, Graphic design, ordering, QC, logistics)
100% QC to guarantee product quality – All done in-house
Auditing existing suppliers to ensure they meet ISO standards
Providing a consolidation service using Yantian warehouse
Handling mixed containers for WoW's customers and ship directly to 5 different ports in Austrlalia

99% reduction in quality issues
Significantly reduced overall logistics cost
One point of contact and one invoice – huge reduction in admin cost and time

creating potential new business

Company Profile

Leadership position in B2B distance selling
24 operating subsidiaries located in 20 countries in Europe
Sales in 2010: 600 million Euro with over 200,000 references
Our Solutions

Suggested to create new brands
Helping to select right product range keeping price competiveness
Providing product knowledge and training to newcomer

Helped creating their own brand and developing new products
Met customer expectation with good quality and competitive price
Increased revenue from smooth entry into the new market segment

customizing a new supply chain solution

Company Profile

International leader in the home decoration industry - floral art expertise, tableware, furniture...etc.
Present in 39 countries – 2,000 new products per collection

Our Mission

Supply chain management & optimization
Samples management
Reduce delays
Quality control
Our Solutions

Managing suppliers from Asia (lead-time, payment terms and prices)
Improving quality issues (Products and Packaging)
Analyzing, assessing and managing their global supply chain in Asia
Proposing new products and/or switching existing ones by replacement
Helping SIA to develop its turnover to fulfill the market needs and to avoid shortage of supplies
Allowing SIA to concentrate on its core business, sales, marketing and products innovation
Providing financial results rapidly -> Global saving targets
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