Developing OEM product lines

Based on a minimum order quantity we are able to offer original equipment manufacturing for our customers. Our experienced brand developers and product designers are able to formulate a complete solution in product lines differentiation – which includes analysis and proposal of product style, design, functionality, packaging, optimum production cost/selling price range, and marketing tactics on the targeted customer groups.

Branding products and corporate identities

A constant review of branding strategies is crucial to ensure a product stand out from its competitors. Based on customers' requests, we monitor, study, and analyze similar products from their existing and potential competitors, and propose new product design/modification/brand image to ensure competitiveness in product positioning.

Designing and producing branding and marketing materials

Our in-house design team also offers design services in all kinds of branding and marketing materials such as product catalogue, corporate brochure, promotional pamphlet, posters, corporate stationeries, packaging, website, online shop, animated presentation, booth design...etc.

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