Customer Service

Ensuring a single point of contact

We guarantee that once you place an order, a designated Customer Service Officer will be your single point of contact at each stage of the delivery process, from order placement, payment, container loading, shipping, customs clearance all the way through to the final delivery at your warehouse.

Maintaining proactive client communication

We ensure that our customers are informed in a timely manner either via telephone or email, at each stage of the delivery process and our Customer Service Officers are available to answer your requests and deal with unanticipated challenges along the delivery chain.

Providing loading reports and photos

We will provide container loading reports to customers within 24hrs after vessel departure. The loading report will detail the shipment schedule, the packing list and include a customized report with photographs of how the container loading process is managed to ensure optimization of space and protection of the cargo.

Providing a multi-lingual service to eliminate communication barriers

Our Customer Service staff are all multi-lingual, proficiency in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and English is standard. We also speak fluent French, Japanese, Spanish, Korean etc. to be able to provide the best possible service to our customers in different countries.

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