Quality control

Conducting on-site inspections

Quality assurance and control is one of the values of our company. Inspections are carried out from the start to the end of the manufacturing process.

Measuring conformity standards

We never use third party inspection companies. All inspections are carried out by our own team. This ensures inspection standards and expertise are maintained. For each product we have a comprehensive inspection checklist including our customers' specific requirements to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

Analysing performance

We have procedures in place to for continuous process analyses and improvement. This allows us to ensure high quality standards resulting in accurate delivery schedules whilst minimising the cost in achieving stable supply with at a competitive price.

Auditing factories on a regular basis

To sustain factory quality systems, we regularly carry out factory audits. These are done depending on factory performance, critical supply, type of product made and customer's requirements. We work tirelessly when there is a discrepancy to find the root cause. We then implement a corrective action plan with both short term and long term solutions in place to correct the problem.

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