Research & Development

Developing new products

Having a unique and exclusive product design is crucial to standing out from the rest of the field in today's competitive market place. Our product development team is dedicated to create, design, and develop new products based on our customers' requests.

Producing and checking prototypes

For every new production, the R&D team will collaborate with factories in producing prototypes and product samples. We work closely with the product designers and engineers to ensure any new product fulfils both the customers' and the markets' needs.

Handling the product testing and certification process

All Fond Light's products are tested and certified to surpass all the required safety and quality standards for the particular market where they will be sold before they are launched. The team handles the complete laboratory testing and certification process for our customers.

Modifying and improving existing products

To ensure the highest quality standards and to ensure we maintain competitiveness in the market, we continually study our clients' feedback to make sure our products are always being improved.

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