Strategically sourcing products and materials

Being located in the heart of Asia we offer a geographic advantage so can be at supplier's sites quickly and regularly to monitor every stage of the production process.

Verifying reputable manufacturers

Our experienced sourcing professionals, many with business masters and engineering degrees, are fully capable to verify reputable manufacturers. We screen factories' manufacturing equipment, machines and tooling. As well as ensuring the production team are competent.

Screening factories

All our company approved suppliers are screened to ensure quality standards, manufacturing capability, ethical and responsible manufacturing as well as financial stability. We continuously review their performance with regular on-site audits.

Achieving target price points

With full Asian market knowledge, production costs are evaluated, justified, benchmarked and negotiated before giving quotations to our Customers. Through continuous value engineering and consolidation, our customers will benefit from cost stability and competitiveness. Moreover, pro-actively and continuously developing potential new manufacturers by diversifying their business will generate a competitive advantage and help achieve cost targets and stability in the long run.

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