Focus and Attention to Details

In today's challenging world of professional equipment procurement, organizations have to rely on partnerships they can trust. At Fond Light, we look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust. Our long term vision and dedicated team of professionals have a proven track record in delivering high quality professional equipment manufactured to the most stringent international standards.

Sourcing quality equipment is crucial to staying competitive in today's market place. Fond Light's attention to detail from research and development — to production — to final delivery guarantees our customers the quality and reliability that they have come to expect from us.

We have enjoyed helping many clients navigate the challenges of securing quality industrial, and home decoration products overseas. The increasingly competitive global market place demands that suppliers pay meticulous attention to detail, offer flexibility and are able to reduce both risk and cost. In view of our history of successfully delivering cost saving solutions to our clients and our uncompromising dedication to customer service, Fond Light anticipates consistent growth in demand for its value-added supply services in the future.

Consider Fond Light as a partner to help build your customer base and compliment your supply chain strategy. We promise to delight you not only with delivering quality products and services but also with cost cutting results — every time.

Grégoire Hambourg
Managing Director

Anne Duong
Office Manager

Our Key Strengths:

Quality control
Customer service

- Our strategic location in the heart of Asia
- Our track record in the industry
- Our multicultural team

- Our strong local and international expertise
- Our end-to-end approach
- Our broad network in Asia
- Our personalized and highly responsive client services

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